Friday, 16 November 2007

What have I learned so far?

I've learned two really important things from you, Dai, or should I say, I'm learning - have started but still a long way to go.

1) Own my work

This is so important. You made me realise that even when I like what I'm doing (have done), or like its possibilities, I still talk it down when I show other people. I do believe in my work, but I have to admit it. It is easier to learn from this point.

(I printed out photos of 19 of my pictures and made them into postcards. Felt surprised that I liked them so much. This was a step towards owning my work.)

2) Learn to look and understand

I usually say things like 'I like it but don't know why'. You've made me start finding reasons for why one way is better than another.

Have spent all evening painting the Itsuki picture.

It's still not right but is better than it was. Might have to change it again. Am going to have a break now. Hope your work is going well.

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