Friday, 9 November 2007

a noodle

I just seem to be dropping in at the mo - while having a break from trying to recover lost files and re install software.

Thing is Angie - a noodle or a doodle is part of the whole thing - the whole creative thing - and should be accepted as part of the ongoing and expanding process of seeing - don't be too tempted to write it off because it only took a few mins - many a great composition has been banged down on a table napkin or the provebial back of a fag packet. What you should take from it as you look - is pretty much what you need, or what you want it to become. For me its the green world, and looks very flora within a glade of some kind. But that's me. How you work with these things is to say 'Yes it only took a few minutes - that's fine - I'll look at it later.'
Or something may ring out to you from it straight away ( from its unsourced poetry within yourself or froma purely visual effect). When one paints like this, one is back in touch with the unconcious self - the child some may say - so it shouldn't either be completely dismissed - or taken overly seriously - which I know you don't - but these things can be very usefull as a springboard into other things. Just hold to these small and large things as part of the 'ongoing' rather than 'finished thing'. Perhaps a natural composition form has sprung there you hadn't used before - perhaps a loose and bravura handling of shapes that would be good to use on other things. Some people keep copies of their telephone doodlings, and as you know they can turn into dense and massive flowerings of god knows what - but all usefull if you want to use them. For most, just to have that unconcious activity of 'doodling' is a release from pressure - it just - comes out - stuff just dribbles n splodges and constructs itself as if it had a life of its own -the old organic. Picasso's famous answer when asked why was that painted blue was of course -'That was the only colour I had at that time.' So the blue is fine fine fine - and couldn't be better - such a great serious colour -and you would do well to perhaps put this up where you can glimpse it now and again - so that - the point being - IF - you want to - IF - you see something, you can work from it again the small series idea - and for me simply because Blue is such a 'spiritual' colour but the painting looks like the 'green world' - there are great possibilities - but you must keep the bravura of handling, let your brushstrokes stand proud like brush strokes, even if you scribble and scrabble some parts - let them look like scribble scrabble - but work in your minds eye with what you have found - ie something like ' The Green World Blue' or whatever takes your edge on the poetry of it without overegging.

Again -I don't want to be overly serious about doodles - but they are part of it all - the more instant and unconcious part where value is in the ongoing, even if you have a 20 foot high pile of 'em. I sit for ages with a guitar or my sax and just play - who knows what - it's noodling, muso's could spend eternity noodling - and then hey! - along comes a phrase that's usefull - or fits the bill the moment - it's as part of the tradition of music just like it is in art. Leonardo used to do his heuristic drawings -you know - let his brush make a splodge and then turn it into something -kids still like doing it as y'know.

Cor - I only dropped by - right back to the software installation..... Dai

Heres one of my doodles that I've kept and love - ( I have it on my studio wall and still keep sneaking glances at it -as if it's going to say something more or where to fit me in)

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Angie Phillip said...

Hello Dai - first of all, I'm really sorry you're struggling with your computer. What actually happened to it? My own desktop pc has been broken since we moved and one or two people have attempted to fix it and so far failed. I've got a laptop which is still under guarantee but even that isn't performing that well - problem is that I bought it online and can't afford the time to let it go in for repair so I keep on struggling on. We rely on them so much. We also tried to save money by getting a 2mb broadband connection that seems to drop out every so often. Sigh and huge sympathy for the time you're spending with yours.

re the noodle/doodle - you're quite right, of course - a noodle/ doodle is often important but I've usually pretended it wasn't. I love yours - thanks so much for posting it. It looks like a picture in its own right to me.

Thanks for validating doodles for me. I'll write more about it in reply to your next post.