Thursday, 22 November 2007

Magic memory - re the piece below.

Now theeeeeeere's a thing.... A term that I and a few painters I know use - but most 'know' it intuitively because it is what we all draw on all the time - in our minds eye - those times - those places - that person.
I'm not sure where the term came from -perhaps the S.American magic realists. When you do stuff from memory -you trust it as best you can -you 'hold' it - you believe it - like a bucket to the well.
It is coloured in all sorts of subconcious ways - it is magic memory - it is a distillation of your very particular experience and experiences - no one has the same magic memory of the same thing - but others will recognise your version - because the seeds are the same. Magic memory is also like a doodle - a thing to use. A thing to also encourage and practise in yourself when looking - check the big spaces, the main colour blocks, odd bits of informational detail - whatever you want - but as long as you conciously look and see, even say to yourself - 'I'll remember this' if you want - you've committed it to magic memory somewhere. When working from such memory, you have to be as bold and intuitive as you can - then more will come.

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Angie Phillip said...

Yes, and we recognise it in the pieces of others. You're right about the seeds being the same.

What is strange though is how differently some people see the same things.

I'm listening, Dai, as you talk. I'm listening, and I'm hearing what you say. I think I've already begun to put some of things you say into practice, but I did it unconsciously and now I feel I can move one step forward with a clearer view of where I'm heading(with hopefully not too many steps back).

Thank you.