Thursday, 8 November 2007

Got some polychromos today

and couldn't resist trying them out. (I read about them on the painters site and thought they might be worth trying. I've never got on very well with crayons, but would welcome some colours that are not messy to take with me when I move about.)

Not a very good pic - in fact it's awful, but nice to find out how the colours work. I'm pleased with them because you can put one colour on top of another, and that's what you usually can't do with colouring crayons. I don't think they'll ever become a favoured medium for me though. I prefer charcoal, pastel, paint - stuff that you can move about. I like pencils, too, because you can swirl about with them.
I keep feeling a great urge to take down all this scrappy stuff (including the sketches on the painters site - I put them up after contributing to Alison's discussion list, and had referred to them), and will do soon, but it might be good for me to leave them for a little while so I can look to see exactly why they are scrappy.


Dai Harding said...

ANGIE - Don't you dare take them down - you've only just bloomin put them up!
I've just managed to get my computer up again after a bad crash and I havent had time to look at anything here much yet,
except to say I'm here!
I guess I'll be able to comment properly over weekend.

Angie Phillip said...

OK Dai, I'll leave them. You made me laugh. (This is my second attempt to add a comment to your comment so if you get something like this twice...... sorry). Angie