Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Shadows not right

These exercises are to practise shading and perspective. I'm getting better at getting the perspective right (although a long way to go to perfect), but I can't get the shadows right.
2 globes (shading exercise)
The 2 globes were copied from the book but the shadows don't look right. Maybe this is because in the copying I've changed the places where the light hits. The one on the right looks laughable - I can get it better than that, but found the shading surprisingly difficult to make convincing. The one on the left is pleasurable because it looks nice and heavy and I can imagine picking it up - not sure about its shadow though. It's hard to check the shadows without having the real objects to hand and then I can get the shapes right but not the lines of the shading within the shadow.
bottle and little vase (simple objects exercise)
These were drawn from life. I think the perspective is not too bad (I drew them separately as 2 separate exercises - they were not standing together, they just happen to be next to each other on the page) but the shadows, although correct in shape, are not correct in shading - they look crude.
This was drawn from life and the stool worked out not too badly, but once again I had trouble with shading the shadows. The shadow underneath the stool is not bad because it was very dark. The shadows from the open door - one to the stool, the other thrown back against the skirting board were easy to draw the shapes for but then I failed to shade them properly. I find I often draw directions into the shadows that turn out not to be right. Any advice, Dai?
By the way - I love shadows ........


Angie Phillip said...

I realised while driving down the motorway to Derbyshire what I was doing wrong with the shading of the shadows (and realised that I'd realised this before). The lines in the shading should be the same as though there were no shadow there, then just made darker. What I've been doing wrong was to draw shadows with lines going in the direction of my eye. Will try again. Cheers, Angie
ps. just asking the question is so useful because then the brain works on the answer while you're doing other stuff. Hope things are good and you're managing to have a rest - do you know that 4 letter word beginning with r, Dai?

Dai Harding said...

That's better