Friday, 11 January 2008

Female Torso - an old picture

Hello Dai - this is an old picture from 1997 - A4, pastel and oil pastel on paper. I had this up for quite a while but then took it down to put something else up and forgot about it. This one always reminds me of Barbara Dixon, one of my old next door neighbours in Oxford, also an artist (she's a wood carver)- she always liked this one. I'm still unpacking pictures - I seem to have quite a few (had to start work straight away after moving plus Paul's 50th and Jay's visit etc in between so unpacking has been slow). Was pleased to find the picture that goes with the Metamorphosis drawing, too - will post it soon and others.

Yesterday the sun shone and I went out and took lots of photographs of trees, houses and oranges 10 for £1! There are some really good things about living round here but the streets are often full of litter and last week the bus windows were so dirty I couldn't see through them. I hope you're having a good rest after your exhibition and all the Christmas work. I'm not in a hurry for a reply. Bye for now. Angie X

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