Monday, 3 December 2007

Potternewton Park

Hello Dai - this is a drawing I did when I couldn't sleep (0n A5 with a b pencil). It's where I walk the dog every day in the park opposite the house, a park full of hills and hollows, great sweeping curves- did it from a photo I took last month. It's scrappy and I'm not putting into practice all the new teaching I've just got from you, but I will. Something about it I like though so I may do it again. It reminds me a bit of a picture I painted years ago that I gave to Itsuki.

re progress generally - Hidden Woman turned up in the Gledhow Valley Woods picture. This one is frivolous, made me laugh - will post it soon. Am busy playing with colours and palette knife, am also about to go back to the stairs picture which has started to call for attention. One thing that makes me reluctant to post straight after I've finished something (unless it's a drawing or doodle) is experience that tells me that I can't see it so soon. I can only see it after a while, so maybe I won't post the HW in GVW yet. What do you think?

Well, Dai, less than a week to Hanging Day, and only a week till you open. I'm counting the days with you - probably more than you, because you're experienced but for me it's a thrill. What do you do? Do you walk around incognito to listen to what people are saying? Or is that impossible for you in Cardiff? - you're probably so well known you would need a disguise...

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