Monday, 3 December 2007

Confession - lol!

Hello Dai - I've just been looking through folders and sketch books - actually looking for 2 Heads 1. I found it, but what I also found was the doodle I posted, and discovered.... whoops.... I'd actually painted it the way up that you thought it should be.... Isn't that amazing - I found the date in pencil at the bottom - 29/10/06 so that settled which way up I'd doodled.

Hope everything's going well, no need to reply. I've spent the evening mainly messing about daubing paint on paper with the palette knife. What pleasure, so nice to touch afterwards, too - the daubs of paint, I mean, not the knife.

Must go now, it's Paul's 50th tomorrow and we're celebrating at the weekend, too, so cooking starts here....

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