Monday, 14 April 2008

Red Woman

After I'd finished her (and I never meant to paint her in the first place) she didn't seem to belong with the Hidden Women so I've put her with the Red Men in the Red Series. I don't know whether I'll like her next week or next month, but at the moment she's quite satisfying to look at.

I've finished (for the time being) reorganising the aja site so I can get on with my new projects. I'm trying not to spend any more time with Gledhow Valley Woods - it's turned to the wall - maybe the only way to be free of it is to burn it. Hmmm we'll see. I also need to redo the background on the old Ituski picture - that will fit well with Age and Visibility (after pondering I changed the Invisibility to Visibility because that's what I'm painting and hopefully celebrating - visibility of the old as well as the young).

Thinking of Itsuki, I finally put the panels together of his picture that Zoltan recently brought back from Hungary. I've sent the photo to Itsuki for his approval and then I'll post it on the site. I'm looking forward to that - it's such a pleasure to see it again.

That's it for now. How are you getting on with The Other Field - are they finished? And did you go hothouse drawing today?

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